I started posing a few months ago (more or less 6) but it is an art that has always inspired me and that I have followed a lot.
- my favorite tattoo is Ryuk, the shinigami!  he is one of the protagonists of my favorite anime and manga: death note.  I tattooed it on my belly ... an incredible experience!
-the most exciting place is definitely the first set I did ... in a barbershop!  it was very emotional because it was in that moment that I realized that I wanted to do this job in life ... I felt free and finally 100% myself.
-I don't have a favorite style for shooting, I always like to change, and try new things.
-I love anime and manga.  I spend whole nights watching TV series and eating popcorn.  I also have a passion for dancing ... my mother always says that I learned to dance first than to walk!  I really like traveling and above all the sea !!



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