I’ve been modeling for about a year. I’ve only started to take modeling seriously right before COVID-19. 

My favorite tattoo on my body is the one I’m about to get covered up. When my little brother was apprenticing in Miami, he gave it to me. 

The most exciting place I’ve shot in so far was on a piece of property in Titusville, PA. I was running late because I forgot to have my lashes done, so I ran to Rite Aide of all places. Then, I got lost. Once I got there, we had about an hour of daylight to work with. I’ve never changed so fast! It ended up becoming a super fun shoot. 

My favorite style of shoot is high end boudior. Pearls are my thing. I also like to model with toys like. ( chainsaws, motorcycles, tractors, guns, etc) 

Outside of modeling, I co-own a tree company called Great Mountain Tree Service, LLC. Yes, I run chainsaws. 




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