My name is Steph, I am an alternative ‘model’ on... well mainly Instagram actually (insert nervous laugh)

Also an ex photographer I fell into modelling whilst doing makeup on a shoot (I’m also pretty good at that too you know) got asked to join in and here we are!

I am based in Somerset UK, (no I don’t have the accent) and I’m 27 years old

I do travel and willing to do for you if interested in collaborating together, private jet would be preferable but I mean, I also have a car if you’re having trouble sourcing one lol

Ive had my photo taken for over 2 years and I am featured in multiple ads, magazines & billboards




Email: info@charliezangelz.com • Instagram: @charliez__angelz

• Twitter: @_charliezangelz • Facebook: charliezangelz

• Onlyfans: @charliezangelzsquad