I have been modelling for 1 year this july 🥳
My fav tattoo prob would be leg sleeve its an Egyptian themed piece as it represents my love for black history as u worked within race equality and diversity for so many years but equality i love my lettering on my belly that describes me * beautifully perculiar * turning a negative comment that was to me of “im perculiar” into something beautiful which i adore and i often think anything strange is beautiful ..

I havent done many professional shoots but i did enjoy my 2nd shoot with a celeb photographer for his 3rd edition tattoo book coming out nect year :)  i love doing fast shoots with multiple garments changes as it reflects the energy of personality and coming from a fashion background i jusy love to dress up and style up and create clothing .. i dont have a fav style i like indoor / and street anythinh where i am dancing any shoot where music playing also helps .. i prefer boudoir..
My hobbies outsode modelling is running our tattoo shop and learning the art of tattooing ( im an apprentice)  fashion design / gardening/ walking my dog and my most recent new hobby is also roller skating :)




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