How long have you been modelling? 
I’ve been modelling for just over two years now.

What is your favourite tattoo, where is it on your body? And what is it's meaning to you?
My favourite tattoo is the one on my ribs, it’s vase of flowers that says fragile underneath and I got it when I’d just been through some really hard times, it reminds me that even when I’m fragile,  I’m not broken.

Tell us about the most exciting place you have shot in? 
This is such a difficult one! Probably either Carl Grim’s studio because he built it from an old barn and it’s got loads of different set ups, loads of S&M equipment, and an amazing heavy rain machine that was just a whole different experience to shoot in. Or another cool one was a massive abandoned house that had multiple garages and an abandoned farmhouse next to it.

What is your favourite style of shoot? Example:( Boudoir, Glamour…etc.  ) 
My favourite style is probably classical art nude. There’s just something so beautiful about it

What are your hobbies outside of the modelling industry? 
I love to sing and I play a bit of guitar, I also love makeup but more the blood and gore or body art side of things. I’m also a proper social butterfly so hanging out with my mates is a must!



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