Hello! I'm Chiara, 22, from Italy, @black_absinthe on Instagram. I have been modelling for 2 years, starting with beauty, fashion and editorial works; as time passed, I found always more interest in photography and I've started to develop a personal style, considering photography as an authentic form of art, that I could use to express myself.
In the meantime I wanted to change my body and I started to get tattoos; I don't have many, just 6 and tiny, but each tattoo has a deep and personal meaning to me. I don't have a favorite one neither a "most important one", since they are all related to my personality and emotional experiences. And I'm pretty jealous about their meanings too!

About my work, I shoot almost every kind of genre, but my favorite styles are nudeart, emotional portraits and dark/fantasy moods. The most exciting place for a shooting would be a forest or an abandoned place.. by now I have never realized this dream yet and I've shot mainly in apartments, streets/parks and studios, which is fine, since small or minimal spaces are often the best solution for specific works (portraits, concept or analog projects).

My hobbies outside of modelling industries are nature and arts. I love spending time in summer trekking and hiking, I need to feel the contact with forests, plants, animals. My biggest passion is art in every form; I study a lot and my aim is to work   in art industry and maybe, hopefully, I hope to make an own exhibition with my projects...! My other big passion is metal music, expecially death and black metal: what's better than good concerts with good friends?


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