•I’ve been modelling for around 10 months.
•My favourite tattoo is on my arm, it’s a sleeve I’m yet to finish. It’s of a graveyard and reflective of my interest in life (but mostly death). My interest began as a teen when my sister was terminally ill she passed away 3 times and the stories she told about her deaths fascinated me. It was also around the time I started reading Edgar Allan Poe, famous for his poetry on death. Those are the reasons I chose a graveyard.
•Most exciting place I’ve shot is sanctum in Southampton. The whole apartment is black (my favourite colour) and the boudoir decor is stunning!
•My favourite styles are equally boudoir and abstract/surreal photography.
•My hobbies include travelling to historical places that are religious or spiritual in some way. Sketching. Taxidermy jewellery making and writing poetry.




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